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Untold Discoveries | Tales of India

At Studio Prometheus, apart from making arty content for our clients, we pioneer in cinematic travel video. Our country is still unexplored and our rich ancient heritage has so many untold discoveries, facets and colours! Let's explore them in "Tales of India"

How can your brand collaborate for eyeballs?

Genre of content: Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Art, Hospitality, Social Causes, Documentaries & News

Language: English & sometimes other languages ( with subtitles )

Target Audience: Sec A, A+

Age Group: 21 and above

Demographics: All across the world, since we have been creating content with international tourists, our international audience comprises of frequent travellers and business owners in India.

Social Reach: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Content: 4K Films, Reels, Photographs


Displaying your product / brand in the video : Rs.5000/-

Co-Sponsor : 1 min of the entire video to be cued to the brand : Rs.20000/-

Sponsor & Sharing of full video: The entire video to be curated with storyboard cued to the brand : Rs.40000/-

Travel, F&B, Stay:

Our content, gear and studio are mobile to travel to any part of the world with ease.

Accommodation, Food & Beverages, Stay to be arranged by the client for location shoots.


Our content is skewed to uplifting the rich stories and heritage of Incredible India, and keeping the engine of frequent content going is self produced, and any contribution is welcome.

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